OWP Architects was founded by Prof. Hilmar Wiethuechter 1968, in Germany. 2002, OWP Architects came to China and in the year 2003 the OWP Architects Beijing Representative office was set up. To adopt the fast development in China, OWP Architects (Beijing) Co., Ltd was registered in Beijing in 2008.

Our design experience is based on European technique. From the early beginning, we work together with European statics engineers, structure engineers, and engineers for all technical parts of the building. Our goal is not to design a fantasy, but to create a design with much fantasy.

Like all big firms in the world, our design quality is guaranteed by Quality Management system, which has been certified by ISO9001 since 2002.


Our QM system is leading us to serve our client not only by providing the high intelligent design but also helping them to realize it economically. We follow up our work until to the end of the construction to make sure every detail is no mistake. We are not the architects who make monument for themselves. We are the CREATIVE, INOVATIVE architects who serve the client and the society in FUNCTION with ART!

SERVICE RANGE: Town Planning, Urban Design, Architectural Design, Landscaping Design, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Products Design and Project Management